[Note from us: This was a great email to receive. If you’re inspired by Laura’s plan and would like to connect with her or wish her luck on her cycle and beyond – just leave a comment at the bottom.]

Hi Esc – I have been meaning to email for some time to express my appreciation for what you are doing.

I have followed you from the start: I came to your launch party at Guanabara, signed up for your emails at the very beginning and told everyone I know about your work. I also happen to be one of your investors.

I am a lawyer in the City and am surrounded people who most definitely do not love their jobs. One of my greatest days at work was when my boss, a partner with the firm, handed her notice in. Not because she’s a bad boss –far from it –but because I discovered that she’d secretly attended a number of Esc events which had given her the impetus she needed to take the leap away from the comfortable security which was making her so unhappy. Hearing me bang on about Esc had encouraged her to look you up.

Of course, not everyone I work with hates what they do. Being a lawyer suits some people perfectly, and I would never criticise them for choosing a job which is so intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding.

However, from the first day, I have known it was not for me. Law was a means to an end: a way to gain some high quality training and experience before putting those skills to use in a sphere I feel more passionate about. I would recommend working in the City to anyone, for a short time, to learn how the financial and commercial world works and what makes it tick. The key is realising when you’ve had enough, and being able to walk away.

My plan has always been to escape at some point, and that day has finally come. In six weeks’ time, I leave the City, and shortly after am setting off to cycle around the world. After that, who knows. I am hoping that an opportunity will come up on your job list, but for now I am not worrying: simply basking in the knowledge that I am outta here.

Even though this has always been the plan, the existence of Esc really helped give me the confidence that it is OK to do this. It helped to demonstrate that you can turn away from a life of riches and stresses to find something that will make you happy, it’s not ‘wasting’ your education, being irresponsible or letting your parents down (however much it feels like that sometimes). That has been the most valuable contribution from you guys, so thanks, and long may it continue!

Laura Moss


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