We have recently been in touch with an Italian Esc member called Tomaso Raggi who approached us with a pretty unique opportunity to do something different.

We thought it was suitably interesting that we should pass it on to you guys.

The opportunity?

Tomaso’s family has owned a hill overlooking Pisa since WWII (it was part of a larger estate, now gone). It is covered by woods and old olive trees.

He envisages selling the land to someone (or a group of people) with the time, energy, strength, drive, vision, art, motivation and reach to acquire the land and do something amazing with it. His ideas include: food and wine production / tourism / glamping / art exhibitions / concerts / open air events / hiking / mountain biking / gardening / herbal therapy / birdwatching.

The estate includes three collapsed buildings: a very large one and two smaller ones, that could be restructured, subject to planning permission (though not for residential use).

Why is he selling it?

Due to old age, illness and lack of resources, his family are no longer able to tend to it. Traditional extra virgin olive oil commercial production alone – even of the finest quality – does not justify the investment required to restore the land to its former conditions or to leverage its full potential.

Tomaso’s story?

He started out in his career as an insurance broker in Spain in 1993, then as a Lloyd’s broker in London (so he is a proper escapee!). He moved back to Italy in 2002, and in 2004 started freelancing in the real estate business. When I asked him what’s next he said “God knows!” (I’m sure some of you know the feeling).

Over to you…

In any case, over to you. Tomaso has a basic webpage communicating the opportunity along with some photos, a video, coordinates and asking price. And, if you do end up buying a hill by Pisa please let us know (and invite us to come and stay!). More info here: http://www.yourownoliveoil.com/

NB: As with all the unconventional opportunities that find their way to us, we are simply passing on the word (not acting as a property agent!) so please do your own due diligence if it got to the stage of getting serious about this opportunity.


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