This Lab is for you if you feel like:

  • You want to do something different, but you’re not quite sure what that is (or how to get there);
  • You need to gain some clarity on what your next steps could be;
  • You know that you’re capable of experiencing and delivering more than you currently are;
  • You need practical action-oriented inspiration on where you could take your career;
  • You want to make a cost-effective investment into your dream career.

Careers are not born overnight. Your career is a journey that develops as you grow and evolve as a person.

If you’re feeling stuck or like you’re not on the right path, it’s not too late to shift directions – it’s never too late. However, the more time you spend in limbo, the bigger the opportunity cost: the more time you spend going down a direction you may already know you’re dissatisfied with.

We’ve been running Escape events for years, and we consistently get asked by members to provide more in-depth solutions for the feeling of being ‘stuck’ in career limbo.

This Escape Visioning Lab with renowned expert Priya Parker is a session especially designed for Escape the City members. Priya serves as faculty for the MIT Sloan Innovation Period and Mobius Executive Leadership.

Every Lab is guided by the question: “What is the biggest need in your world that you might have the passion and the capacity to address?” A Lab gives you the much-needed experimental space to think, reflect, explore and imagine.

Every Lab draws on tools from the fields of business strategy, neuroscience, dance and movement, and mind-body science to help people tap into their deeper sense of purpose and then to find ways to design companies, cultures, and lives around it.

This is the only Escape event we will be running in the United States for 2013 and we have chosen to partner with Priya Parker because of the brilliant feedback that we have consistently receive from members she has helped.

Date and time: Sunday July 14th, 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Venue: (TBC) Manhattan

Cost: $500 USD (2 payments of $250 USD – the first one is required to secure your spot; the second payable at the Lab).


One Escape member’s story

Escape Hero Matt Trinetti attended one of Priya’s Labs back in January – you can ask him about it directly on Twitter (@trinetti) and learn more about his experience below.

Back in January, I was in rough shape. After negotiating a temporary escape with my employer and traveling around Europe on an epic seven-month excursion, I had finally come back home. Anyone who’s taken an extended trip like this knows that the hangover of coming home can be just as extreme as the euphoric high of the adventure itself.

Transitioning into or out of such an escape, like any major life change, can be stressful and lonely. Resistance in the form of doubting family, friends, strangers, and critics can be tiring. Even if you’re fairly resolute in your decision to make a major life transition, the ever-present “What’s Next?” or “You’re Doing What?” questions are tough because they stir up the anxiety that already exists within yourself.

In preparation of my coming home, I knew I’d hit an unavoidable low point. While I realized these dips are inevitable, I do think they can be managed. And the best way out is through.

As I walked through the door to Priya Parker’s Visioning Lab in New York City, it was clear I was in a funk. I entered her class with the hope that she could help me find my footing as I navigated a major transitional period in my life.

There were about ten other people in Priya’s Lab. Some were in between jobs, others were starting down a new career path. Some were recently retired and trying to stay productive, while others were starting an entrepreneurial endeavor. Some like me had recently taken a leap of faith into a world unknown. While on the surface we were all in different phases of our career and life, one common thread was clear: everyone was in some sort of transition.

As we began the Visioning Lab, Priya said something simple, but profound: “What we’re about to do isn’t rocket science. The rocket science is in creating the time and space to focus on these things.” So true. With most things worth achieving, the rocket science isn’t the method, but in applying the method. It’s having the discipline to make the time, sit down, and do the work.

I won’t go too much into the details of the exercises over the two-day Visioning Lab, mainly because I do think Priya is too humble in her statement. She does perform quite a bit of rocket science. One example is her Vision Statement exercise. The way in which Priyaguided the process of crafting, vetting, and refining our personal vision statements was worth the cost of admission alone.

Priya also talked about something called Cognitive Embodiment: the concept that the nature, position, and location of our body has a strong influence on our mental state. I pondered this while looking around the classroom. Then it hit me: just the act of signing up for Priya’s Lab, walking through the door of her classroom, and surrounding myself with her and my fellow classmates had a profound affect on my attitude and optimism. I was already feeling more confident about the future.

Sometimes all we need is to introduce ourselves to a fresh, nurturing environment to help us through our transitional periods in life.

If you’re in a state of transition, I wholeheartedly suggest Priya’s Visioning Lab to accelerate your own transitional period.

Join us on July 14th in New York City. We have 10 spaces available – to provisionally reserve yours (no obligation) just email 

Priya Parker is a visioner, conflict mediator and dancer. She works with organizations and leaders to zero in on their core purpose and build out smarter strategies. Drawing on ten years of work in government, social enterprise and Track II diplomacy in the United States, India and the Middle East, Priya designs visioning and innovation labs that help organizations grow from the root. You can read one of her articles on CNN here. You can follow Priya on Twitter  @priyaparker.

Priya is a social entrepreneur herself, having co-founded the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network, an international network of universities engaged in transformative dialogue to develop future leaders. She received the Harvard Roy Family Fellowship for Women in Public Policy to spend three months in the White House Office of Social Innovation and the Public Service Fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School. 



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