If you are unhappy with your current working situation you have two options.

1# Do Something.

Start working towards something different. Experiment, Learn, Network (and repeat). Manage the risks you take according to your personal situation.

EVERYONE can take some risks (go to an interesting talk, ask a stranger for help – it doesnt have to involve quitting your job and having no money).

Accept that this process is going to be hard.

2# Do Nothing.

If you choose #2. Don’t complain, don’t bitch about your job / your life / how unfair the world is. Don’t criticise people who are working their arses off to achieve #1.

Don’t make up imagined reasons why they can do it and you can’t. Don’t slam people who advocate option #1 just because you think it is too hard / unrealistic / impossible. You’ve made your choice, leave others to theirs.

In an ideal world we’d have option #3 – we all easily find work we love and get extremely well paid for it. But we don’t. So options 1# and 2# it is.

Over to you.


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