Anyone who has achieved anything worth admiring, envying or copying has had to commit. At some point, they had to grit their teeth and turn inaction into action. They didn’t necessarily have to quit their job and tell everyone they’d ever met (although sometimes that helps). But they did have to overcome their fear of the unknown and create some kind of motion in the outside world.

The surest way to force yourself to do something is to publicly commit. Once you’ve told all your friends that you’re cycling to Rome for charity, it’s hard to tell them that you’re not going to do it. Once you’ve resigned from your job and told your boss that you’re starting a mobile tea busi- ness, it would give your pride quite a knock to ask for your job back.

Start small but aim high. If someone had told us three years ago that we’d be running a business that helps people escape their jobs, with over a 100,000 members, a published book, a base in New York and a team of eight people . . . we’d have laughed at them. However, had we not com- mitted to starting the Escape the City blog back in 2009 we never would have set ourselves on this path and you wouldn’t be reading this book today.


By now, you’re probably aware that we wrote a book (you helped!) and we’re excited to be really close to the final publish date. The Escape Manifesto (#escapemanifesto on Twitter) is the book behind the movement and is here to support, inspire and encourage us all to make big and brave transitions in our lives. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing snippets on this blog.

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