Living in a city, working in a big company, travelling on public transport, eating hand-to-mouth (sandwiches at your desk, supermarket ready- meals in the evening), magically getting paid at the end of each month (tax deducted), wearing your uniform (a suit like everyone else) it’s very easy to forget what it’s like to properly look after yourself, to make your own decisions.

You can get by in this way for a long time. Forever in fact. Cruise control. Before we quit our corporate jobs adventures kept us sane. Cycling from London to Paris in under 24 hours, kayaking down a river in northern Portugal, canoeing the Yukon, road trips through California. These were distraction mechanisms for sure and we’d feel even worse when we got back to our cubicles. So why did we do this? How did it help?

We found that adventures (even quick overnight ones – walking through the night along the Sussex downs, motorbiking in the rain to Stone- henge) helped to strip away some of the bullshit from work, society and our peers that was keeping us stuck.

Realizing that we were capable of looking after ourselves – even if it was just on a 3-day bicycle trip around northern France – is an incredibly empowering thing. If you can direct your own life even temporarily and get a thrill out of it perhaps you’ll be able to consider a longer-term com- mitment to being fully in charge?


By now, you’re probably aware that we wrote a book (you helped!) and we’re excited to be really close to the final publish date. The Escape Manifesto (#escapemanifesto on Twitter) is the book behind the movement and is here to support, inspire and encourage us all to make big and brave transitions in our lives. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing snippets on this blog.

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