By now, you’re probably aware that we wrote a book (you helped!) and we’re excited to be really close to the final publish date. The Escape Manifesto (#escapemanifesto on Twitter) is the book behind the movement and is here to support, inspire and encourage us all to make big and brave transitions in our lives. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing snippets on this blog.


Ask yourself two questions, two questions that you have no doubt asked on many occasions when your evening plan evaporates into thin air as you are yet again required to stay late to work on a seemingly important task:

Question 1: Why am I working for this organization?

Question 2: Am I crazy if I don’t want to be here?

The problem is that the decision-making process that got you to where you are today may not have been entirely your own. Often the values of your work environment don’t reflect your own. Often it’s easier to inherit external definitions of success than it is to cultivate your own.

We reasoned that it was more important to focus on what we did want to do rather than wallow in the negatives of what we didn’t. However, we also realized that you do need to understand what you don’t like in order to discover what could make you tick.

How can you avoid your enemy if you can’t even identify him?

Open your eyes. You are on a Travelator.

Walk it knowingly or get off.

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