Editor’s Note: This is our last blog post before the Easter break. See you next week… comment at the bottom if you’ve got a specific subject you’d like us to write about. Have a good one. Rob

Escape the City is full of passionate professionals planning their next moves.

One of the best ways people can make big transitions is by getting help from like-minded folk who are prepared to lend a hand and some advice.

Browse the questions below – click someone’s name if you can help them out (afraid you have to be logged in to our main site to view the questions). Thanks in advance for your help.

Pay it forwards. Who can you help?

  • Rob: Making a move from finance to sales…Possible? If so, how?
  • Jaroslav: How to start new freelance life?
  • Jaroslav: Do you want to support my dream? Vote for me! 😉
  • Neel: Have you considered outdoor based team building exercises?
  • Neel: Would you pay to go on a hike with a knowledgeable guide?
  • Richie: How can I make a good living by being an adventure athlete?
  • Ruben: How to go freelance about something you’ve never done before?
  • Gregor: In search of a partner: a chance to combine diving, travelling & start-ups
  • Muffadal: Sustainable tourism operations using permaculture in Central America


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