Escape the City is full of passionate people planning their next move. One of the best ways people can make big transitions is by getting help from like-minded folk who are prepared to lend a hand and some advice.

Browse the questions below – click someone’s name if you can help them out (afraid you have to be logged in to our main site to view the questions). Thanks in advance for your help.

Pay it forwards. Who can you help?

  • John: Looking for a Humanitarian Logistics Assignment.
  • Lee: Any experts on franchise business models interested in a new challenge?
  • Michael: Want to Learn to Program?
  • Avraam: I need help in setting up my private practice in London.
  • Meena: FMCG Project assistant wants more project experience! Any advice?
  • Mere: Any other BC Lower Mainland escapists out there?
  • Kristen: The best way to find a job abroad?
  • Sheldon: I am 46 years old Accounts Assistant who wants a career change.
  • Erin: Looking to fight child sex trafficking this summer in Thailand?
  • Waqas: Help for testing my new service.
  • Nix: Help to win dream job! Just need your vote!
  • Dan: Are you a baby boomer struggling with career displacement?
  • Carly: How can I get a job in the music biz?
  • Robert: Transition to analytical role, tech start up.
  • Matt: Looking for Help Landing a Job in Shanghai.
  • Tanushri: How do I move into digital product management?
  • Fraukje: Great ideas for a start-up financed by crowdfunding?
  • Ann: Is it possible to find a paid job helping those in need?


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