This blog has been through quite a few incarnations since our first post on 20th August 2009. To start with, since we didn’t have a website, the blog was Escape the City. We used it to explore the ideas that were driving our concept, to share uncorporate opportunities, and to arrange our first meetups in the National Geographic cafe on Regent Street in London.

Over the past three and a half years we have used this blog to showcase our story, crowdsource ideas for our book, share 365 bits of advice for starting something you love, post lots of guest articles from a range of escapees, and expand our own beliefs about alternative careers, entrepreneurialism, and adventure. We have published 505 posts in this time, receiving 845 comments and 369,600 views.

I wanted to use this post to announce a slight realignment in terms of the posts that you can expect from this blog. The relatively unique thing about Escape the City is that the journey that Dom, Mikey and myself are on (leaving management consulting, building a career on our own terms, and starting a business) is the transition that our concept as a whole aims to help people with.

So we’re going to use this blog to focus on what we’re learning. I think that’s the most authentic and useful thing we can do. So often we will have a discussion or realisation internally that is worth sharing with people who are planning their own career change, startup or adventure. Innocent’s book is called – Our Story And Some Things We’re Learning. We’ll try and do similar.

We’ll aim to post every weekday (although no doubt we’ll slip on this – come and chase us if we do!). We will still feature the odd guest post and we’ll aim to do more interviews – but the main focus will be us using this channel to share our learnings (forgive the awful corporate term), thoughts and opinions. We’ll also use it for updates regarding The Escape School, Esc Adventures, and site news.

With that said, I wanted to do two things: 1) provide you with a heads up about tomorrow’s post – the text of the TEDX LSE talk I gave last Saturday called ‘Rethink Fear In Your Career’ and 2) ask for regular readers and subscribers to introduce themselves in the comments.

Who are you!? What are you planning? What do you find useful about this blog? What would you like to hear from us?

Leave a comment, let me know where you’re at and I’ll get back to you.

Happy Thursday.


Rob Symington (@escroberto) is Escape the City’s co-founder. He lives on a boat, owns a double decker bus called Esmerelda and a motorbike that breaks down a lot. He passionately believes that ‘just because’ things are the way they are is no justification for accepting them. The Escape team are hard at work over on the main site building Escape Profiles that help people make big career changes.

If you want to receive Escape the City blog posts directly into your inbox just click here. We write about leaving big corporates, pursuing alternative careers, building businesses, and going on big adventures. Because life is too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you.

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