Searching for funding for your startup isn’t an easy task: it often pays to have someone who knows the ropes, showing you how to read the map of the available options. In the past, we’ve run events with our funding-expert friend Paul Grant before, which you can read more about here. He’s holding an event on March 7th that we wanted to share – you can find details here.

Questions explored:

  1. How do you choose the right financing approach for your business?
  2. How do you make sure potential investors take note of your business plan?
  3. How do you retain a majority stake in your own business?

To hear the answer to these questions and more, join the ‘How to Fund A Start-up’ workshop, in partnership with the British Library Business & IP Centre where they’ll explore the ways you can save time in your search for capital and avoid the common pitfalls.

What will you learn?

  • The pro and cons of 17 different funding options
  • Insider tips on securing a bank loan
  • The best ways to apply for grants
  • How to self-fund a start-up
  • How to make “Crowdfunding” work for you
  • Seven critical tools you need to attract investment
  • What VCs and angel investors are really looking for
  • Which Venture Funds are small-business-friendly
  • Where to find business angels
  • Why business plans aren’t as crucial as you think
  • How much to raise and what part valuation plays 

More about Paul

As an entrepreneur, Paul Grant raised funds for his own business which he exited in 2003. He then joined a private equity company, Capital Partners, where he headed up the business angel division. Paul has worked with many investors, bankers and venture capitalists to fund early-stage companies and over the years has uncovered an approach to raising capital that works. He is keen to share with you what he has learnt as an entrepreneur and an industry insider.

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