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In case you are wondering the title isn’t a typo. I’m not quite sure if it’s a word which works, or has even been used before, but I thought it was pretty apt to describe how I feel at the moment. Simultaneously the most scared and excited I’ve been in my life. Together – ‘scexy’. A new feeling for me, and perhaps one which I’m sure plenty of recent escapees can relate to? The fact that I’m writing this at 3.12am on a Wednesday morning is perhaps indicative of this mindset. So what’s bought on my scexy mood?

At Christmas this year I finally took the plunge to quit my corporate job, go on a big trip and start my dream business. In just over 2 weeks I’ll set off on a plane to Bangkok and head back to Birmingham (where I was born) overland along the Silk Road.

I’m also looking to use the trip as an unconventional marketing strategy for
my new business – Dromomaniacs. The word means ‘those with the insatiable
urge to travel’ and Dromomaniacs aims to become ‘the society’ for those with
that insatiable urge. Specifically it is designed to appeal to what I’ve termed
the PUBB (Post Uni Before Baby) generation (really don’t like the word ‘young

Obviously lots to be excited about. Completing a trip I’ve dreamed of since I lived
in Bangkok for 7 months as an 18 year old; the endless possibilities of where
Dromomaniacs might lead to; and the success of both totally in my own hands.
But what isn’t so well advertised when quitting a nice cushy corporate job is just
how scary this can be. Here are 3 reasons why.

1) The realisation.

I left the corporate world at Christmas. Great, wahoo, big party! First week of Jan and I suddenly thought shit, what have I done? I’ve left a job I was good at, didn’t hate and earned me a nice wage so I didn’t have to think about what I spent. Suddenly it just hit me that I no longer had a salary, pension or any certainty in my future. Being alone was suddenly a stark reality.

2) Do I actually have the right skills?

The corporate world may be good training for a number of things, but it certainly isn’t for the nitty gritty of setting up the fundamentals of a business. Designing a website and getting the right designers anyone? Nightmare! Setting up the tax stuff? Doesn’t someone else do that for you? Self promo? Feels a bit uncomfortable!

3) Am I taking on too much?

Is a question I’m always asking. Is setting up the fundamentals of the business stupid before I go on this trip? Shouldn’t I just wait till I’m back? True, I could, but I felt that the trip could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get people interested in Dromomaniacs and signing up and contributing whilst I was still on the road. I love the idea of living out a dream to create a business and have been inspired by the ‘location independent’ lifestyles I’ve learned about at Escape events. But the practical realities of that certainly scare and sometimes overwhelm me!

Woops. I almost forgot to mention that I’m going on a near 10 000 mile journey alone to countries where I don’t know the language and travelling along roads which were recently featured in ‘worlds most dangerous roads’! Yet somehow that doesn’t feel nearly so scary as the business bit! That’s just pure excitement!

So there we go. I’ve laid my cards on the table. Hands up if anyone else is feeling
scexy? Personally I’d rather be scexy than boring.

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