This is a guest post from our friend and adventurer Al Humphreys…

Please read it, watch the video and then kick on back to his site to get involved in the conversation.


A while ago I wrote about the idea of the 5 to 9 microadventure. Rather than feeling inhibited by our 9-to-5 working commitments, I suggested flipping it round.

To celebrate instead the 16 hours each day when we are NOT desk-bound. (I know this is a gross simplification of “real life”, but humour me, please). I took a train to the hills, slept on a mountain, and galloped back down in time for breakfast.

It was a popular idea and helped persuade many people to take on a microadventure.

The trouble is, it doesn’t work too well in the winter time, unless you’re willing to do a trip purely in the dark…

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 16.43.56

RESOLUTION: What’s Yours? A Microadventure from Alastair Humphreys on Vimeo.

So this time I’m eating into the 9 to 5. Not by much. In fact, only by three hours over the course of two days.

Mid-week microadventures are so invigorating, so good for the soul, that I am convinced you’ll more than make up for those lost hours with better quality work once you return. (Remember, incidentally, always to focus on how WELL you work, not how MUCH you work).

It seemed a pity for people to have to wait until summer to enjoy microadventures.

Why not leave work two hours early, cycle out into the countryside, and spend a night out under the stars? Sunrise is late at this time of year. So you can enjoy a bit of a lie-in, watch the sun rise from the warmth of your sleeping bag, and then ride back to work. You’ll be an hour late and a bit smelly.

But surely that is a small price to pay?

What do you think about this idea?

And, as the film asks, what is going to be your microadventure resolution for 2013? Are you going to attempt a microadventure this year?

If so, please do share your idea, either in the comments on my site, on Facebook or using the hashtag #microadventure on Twitter.

What is your Resolution?


This is a guest post from our friend and adventurer Al Humphreys… please read it, watch the video and – if you’re inspired by the concept of microadventures (particularly mid-week three-hour microadventures) then kick on back to his site to get involved in the conversation.

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