We recently ran a scholarship contest for our upcoming startup course: An Introduction to Building a Startup. Winner Craig Roberts talks about why he applied. 

Why you’re coming to startup 101?

Like many people, I made the mistake of spending years and years  focusing on making money rather than having the guts to go and do what I wanted to do. I have always been passionate about creating new and exciting products and services but for some reason I allowed myself to lose my focus on my passion.

I then found myself in the corporate world spending my days wondering what I am working towards.

Then a few months ago tragedy struck and I have been fortunate, or unfortunate (depending how you look at it) to lose everything that I had spent the last few years working towards.

I took some time off and decided that I am no longer going to ignore my dreams and that I am going to use this opportunity to develop myself and my dreams.
I think startup 101 will be a great way for me to A) meet like minded people and B) further my knowledge and help limit the chance of failure with my next venture.

What you hope to get out of it?

I hope that this course will help me to identify areas of starting up that I may have missed or that I have not yet given enough attention to. I hope that I meet some interesting people that will support me and that I can hopefully help in the future.

Overall I hope that this course will further the knowledge I already have and will be a stepping stone towards achieving my goal of launching my career as a entrepreneur.

What people can come talk to you about?

Professionally: People can come talk to me about anything regarding entrepreneurship, project management, sales and marketing.

Personally: People can come and talk to me about travel, kite surfing, big game fishing, South Africa, Mauritius and technology.


If you’re interested in attending An Introduction to Building a Startup, just get in touch with Adele (adele@escapethecity.org) with any specific questions.

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