We live in a networked world.

We crowd-fund what makes us curious.

We click feverishly for our causes.

We fan, follow, pin, tag, tweet & txt.

But is our ‘hyper-connectivity’ really leading to a bright future or is it driving disconnection between each of us and our increasingly fragile natural resources?

For the past 6 years at Tribewanted we’ve been exploring the idea of how global citizenship can connect meaningfully with local communities and culture and inspire positive behaviour change amongst all of us.

On an island in Fiji, a beach in Sierra Leone and now in the hills of Umbria we have co-created and built communities in partnership with local teams and families.

Our dream is to kick-start and connect multiple communities like these through our online tribe, and – unlike other crowd-funding platforms – go and hang-out from time-to-time in the places we’ve co-created.

This year we’ve launched a Community Interest Company that invites people to become a member, to help ‘tribe-fund’ our projects, and then use their credit to visit at a later date. Our first 100 members have joined and our goal is to reach 3000 in 2013 so we can vote on the location of our next location.

What have I learnt starting Tribewanted?

  1. Building something online and offline at the same time is as fun and chaotic as it sounds (especially when renting a remote Fijian island)
  2. Tech start-ups often sound more exciting places than they actually are (laptops, bad backs and coffee)…
  3. …but start-ups with communities built around them are exciting places to be.
  4. Hybrid biz models (social impact + profits mixed) will be the future.
  5. The start-up that helps people measure their ‘well-being’ and apply it to their lives will be the next big thing.

Invitation to join us for the launch of Tribewanted Italy

Next month we’re opening our third community – Monestevole – in the hills of Umbria, Italy.

We’d love you to join us for a mini ESC red-wine and pasta gathering.

We’re offering free 5-day invites for up to 10 tribe members and a friend. The top 10 referrers in February receive the invites. Simples.

So, if you fancy being part of our global tribe and enjoy the good life in Umbria over Easter, get involved by:

  1. Joining the tribe
  2. Inviting your friends to join

TRIBEWANTED FEBRUARY COMPETITION > http://beta.tribewanted.com/index.php/en/topics/entry/monestevole-launch-competition

Grazie Mille!





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