Navin Chohan is an Escape member attending our Startup MBA (if you’d like to join us too, click here).

My story

I’m a medical doctor but got a taste for working in business when I was still at medical school. After qualifying I spent a year working as an editor with the British Medical Journal Publishing Group and really enjoyed doing something that was so different to day to day clinical practice yet was still allied to healthcare. It allowed me to use my creative side with writing and redesigning a publication yet still see the machinery behind the business operations of an influential, albeit small, publishing house. After completing my general medical training I ended up leaving the NHS to work for the pharmaceutical industry (although I actually wanted to get into management consultancy for healthcare). I thought I’d go and get some business skills and return to the NHS a more rounded individual but it never happened. Since 2008 I’ve been self-employed as a freelance consultant physician to clinical research and healthcare companies, working through my company Physallis Medical.

Why I’m coming to Startup 101

Well, as you can see, I’ve been through the process of setting out into the work world on my own and, to be honest, I enjoy it hugely from a lifestyle perspective. But you can also see that I have so many different interests and ideas that I want to work on (and I haven’t even mentioned the rallies/expeditions I’ve done or the film I funded and produced at medical school). ‘m at the stage where I want to move beyond just being a service provider to others and actually build my own ideas into a viable business. Hopefully, Startup 101 will give me some of the tools I need to make that next leap to setting my ideas and plans into motion and build something which will give me the fulfilment of seeing my own ideas take off and be useful to others.

Come talk to me about…

Anything medical (NOT personal medical advice or opinions) or healthcare related that they need help with for their own business plans. I have a strong understanding of the medicines industry and the regulations in play as well as the challenges of clinical research. Oh, and anything to do with fixing a 2 stroke engine with a Leatherman!

I’m just looking forward to coming to meet people and learn from their experiences, as well as hearing from the expert speakers. Hopefully I learn some skills and techniques to help me launch my big ideas into something more tangible. And I’m more than happy to get involved with other people’s ideas if they want me to!

If you’d like to learn more about our Startup MBA, you can do so here.

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