Kathryn McGeough is an Escape member attending our Startup 101 course on February 19th (if you’d like to join us too, more details are here).

My story

I am an ex-banking professional who has embarked on a life of entrepreneurship. In 2011, I became a member of the inaugural class of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, a programme which supports the development of entrepreneurs through training, mentorship and an enternship at a host company. My placement was at Carphone Warehouse and I was also seconded from there to Mobile Money Network for part of my week. Since completing the programme in October 2012 I have been working on building my own startup.

Why I’m coming to Startup 101

I am currently working on my own startup, which has an overall aim of trying to help those who want employment / additional employment in the UK, to find some work.  Although my placement with the NEF taught me a lot about certain aspects of business, I would like to learn more regarding how to develop the business from the beginning to maximise the likelihood of turning it into a scalable, sustainable business.

Come talk to me about

I would say that the most appropriate skill that I have is finance and so I could try and help people regarding that subject. I also have a network of talented entrepreneurs who I might be able to put people in contact with, depending on their problem.

I am currently running my startup from Devon.

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