Matthias Lissner is an Escape member attending our Startup 101 course on February 19th (if you’d like to join us too, more details are here). 

My story

After years of working in private equity I realised that my job had become less and less fulfilling to me, and in early 2012 I decided to leave and figure out what was missing in my life. The answer came soon: building products I truly believe in, a stronger element of creativity in my work and working with people who share my values.

In March I set out to explore my first startup idea and tested the concept to failure before spending any money. At the same time I started advising friends on their startup projects, focusing on the commercial aspects. After some time I realised that I like helping others with their projects as much as building my own, so I decided to turn it into an advisory business, focusing on companies currently going through a high growth phase.

Finally, having learned a lot from my first startup experience, I co-founded Fittius in October last year. Fittius helps people discover, use and review fitness services, and we are set to launch our beta version this week!

Why I’m coming to Startup 101

Having learned so many new things during the last 12 months I realised that there is so much that I would like to know more about – especially every time when I had one of those “Oh, had I only known about this earlier…” moments! There is no universal solution to anything when it comes to launching and scaling a business, so every time I can hear about a new approach to a known problem it is helpful for me.

And finally, I think it will be a great opportunity to meet great people with ideas and passion for what they do – that alone is worth something to me!

Come talk to me about…

I am happy to help others developing their business further. I can help with writing business plans, developing financial forecast models, sales and investor pitches. My approach is based on empathy – the understanding of the mindset of other people: your customers, your investors, or even your own team. Empathy is something I found was missing very often in many companies I spoke to, and yet so crucial for a business’ success, so I decided to make it my guiding principle in everything I do. Come and talk to me if you want to hear more.

Also, talk to me if you need some help testing a product effectively without spending a lot, want to hear about ways to acquire good resources at reasonable prices (e.g. programmers, designers) or if you simply want to have a chat!

If you’d like to come to our Startup 101 course on February 19th, details are here. Details of our other courses are available here.  

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