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Ways for London Escapees to Give Back This Season

London-based Esc-ers, we’re looking at you. This winter, several organizations across the City are involved in some wonderful charity initiatives for the holiday season. Below, we’ve provided a summary of some of these initiatives. Take a look to find out how you can get involved!

Who: Calling London
What They’re Doing: This registered charity was created expressly with the purpose of collecting and donating coats.
How You Can Help: Give coats or help to collect them.

Who: Crisis at Christmas
What They’re Doing: Holding a Christmas dinner for the homeless.
How You Can Help: Reserve a place for someone who is homeless on Christmas, which includes 3 meals and a Christmas dinner. They also accept coat donations.
66 Commercial St., London, E1 6LT

Who: Refuge
What They’re Doing: Holding a mobile phone drive in support of women and children struggling against domestic violence.
How You Can Help: Donate your old mobile or purchase an inexpensive mobile for donation.

What They’re Doing: Running asylum and immigration services for new migrants across London.
How You Can Help: Donate gently used clothing and food.

Who: Do It For Charity Santa Run
What They’re Doing: Holding a 5k and 10k run for Help the Hospices.
How You Can Help: Register to run, donate to a runner team, or go out and support these athletic santas on December 9, 2012.

  • Richard Brownsdon

    These are great projects – and don’t forget other simple things, like picking up a copy of The Big Issue – it’s a great magazine, and it really helps :)