Last Tuesday’s event at the Hub Westminster was the second event we’ve run with London-based organisational psychologist Rob Archer, who specialises in helping people escape career paralysis. We had almost 100 Escape members in the room, listening to Rob’s stories about how to get unstuck. 

You can read more from Rob Archer on his blog here. The key points that we took out of this event were that:

  • Your career decision criteria should be constructed around things that you WANT, not things that you don’t want. Run towards something, not away.
  • Listen to your intuition. Beware that your rational mind will try to discount what can be great choices.
  • Your mind is not your friend. It is not your enemy, but it is not your friend. It does not know what’s always best.

The slides explain it better – they are available here:

If you missed it, you can also watch Rob’s talk here – massive thanks to Greg for filming:

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