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Letter From an Escape Fan Who Found a Dream Job

Kathryn, a freelance photographer, describes how Escape the City helped her find a dream job opportunity in New York City in this letter.

Hello, Team Escape the City!

I’m a freelance creative from the NYC area, and I just had to let you know how your website helped me find an incredible job opportunity. Here’s how it happened:

Because I’ve never been good at sitting in front of a computer all day as with most traditional jobs, I’ve instead freelanced in the U.S. and around the world doing writing, photography, television, nonprofit projects, videos, teaching, and more. I like to think I’ve escaped the city (in the corporate sense), but I’m always hungering for the next exciting opportunity—especially one in which I can create at least a little bit of positive change. In 2011 I moved to India for a fellowship, and followed that with several small projects around Asia. I was in northern Thailand this past summer when I decided I ought to hunt for a new job before my excursion ended, so I searched Google under “unique job sites.” Though I’d never heard of Escape the City, I clicked on your site, watched the video, and decided that signing up couldn’t hurt.

I’m serious when I tell you what happened next: I clicked on “Professional Opportunities,” and the very first listing that came up was a perfect match. The gig? A two-month position as a travel journalist in Malta, working as a writer, photographer, and videographer to create a scuba diving guide. As someone who loves diving and has experience in documenting my travel experiences with words, photos, and videos, I jumped at the opportunity, posted by Gregor Botlik of Unlogged (a U.K.-based company). I ended up hearing back from him, and then had two interviews: one in Thailand and one when I arrived back in America. A few weeks later, I ended up getting the job!

Right now I am in Malta until December with Gregor and his family. A typical day involves visiting a new dive center on the island, interviewing the owners, going on a dive with them (often to an old wreck or an underwater cave!), taking photos, and writing a review by the next morning. I also write articles each day on activities and points of interest around the island, which means I get to document my experiences rock climbing, eating at festivals, visiting museums, hiking, and more.

I never would have found this job without Escape the City. Though it’s quite a lot of work, my friends and family can’t believe I’m paid to go scuba diving and exploring each day. What a dream gig! Now that this job is coming to a close, I look forward to finding more unique opportunities—perhaps involving travel, photography, writing, adventure, or food—from your website. Thanks again!

Kathryn Cooper