Last night was another great event at the Hub Westminster, on finding passion and switching careers. It was our first event in a part-lecture, part-workshop format, and a really valuable and fun way for Rob and I to explore what we’re writing about in our respective books. You can read more about Rob’s book here and a really loose summary of mine is here.

What the evening personally reminded me about:

  • Finding work you love is an ongoing conversation – with yourself, with the marketplace, with those around you. These events are a great way to start changing the conversation you’re having with yourself.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day, and great change doesn’t happen overnight – we’re all on our own journeys and at different stages. Some attendees had quit months ago, others weren’t sure if they were ever even going to quit.
  • Face-to-face trumps email: offline interaction provides a completely different depth and experience than online – as much as I love hearing from you guys via email and social media, it’s always even better to meet you face to face and to hear your stories in real life.
We’ll be posting the videos shortly. For now, you can view my slides here:

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