One of my favourite things about my job is my inbox, because it sometimes feels like the bat-phone (in a world where Escape the City gets to play Batman). I get so many brave, vulnerable emails from members of all ages, from all over the world. The other day, this came in from one of our members – as she described, ‘the only thing that can express how I feel is something I wrote a few months ago.’


24 and more confused than ever,
noone said childhood certainty is forever,

why do we graduate with a degree,
only to realize that without a dream we’re not free,

uncertainty is consuming our universe,
is this the quarter life crisis curse?

we need dreams to set us free,
what good is no dream and only a degree?

thoughts and actions, continuously analyzed,
only to leave us paralyzed,

behind a cubicle on the 32nd floor,
these corporate towers stole my soul,
in my heart they only left a hole,

on an ongoing quest to find my passion,
before my whole world comes a crashin,

nine to five is not the way to survive,
my thirst for life has to be revived.

She wanted to make a change, but she wasn’t sure where to start. Should she go to grad school? The posts I recommended:

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