We really enjoyed Tuesday’s location independence event. Thanks as always to Richard for taking pics! Key points from the event below, as live-tweeted by Rob (our resident live-tweeting machine). Thanks also to Becky & Matt for helping out on the door, and to our fantastic speakers, Lea Woodward, and Mish & Rob.

The only way you can face uncertainty is to testing your way out of it. Not pretending your way to certainty. Be willing to be vulnerable (great TED talk here) and face that uncertainty.

Passion is a process. Meet lots of people. Try lots of things.

Use the Business Model Canvas. See here.

Figure out what you’re interested in first then work out how to build sustainable revenue streams around it.

You have been a customer all your life – your parents, your education, your corporate job. But when it comes to finding work you love, you need to think like a supplier.

Get out there – forget the business plan. People are opportunities. Stop developing it in a silo. It’s safer to work on your word document than to be interacting with real people, but you’ll get soo much more out of real conversations.

Quitting your job isn’t the only way out – look at flexible work arrangements, contracting, or taking a sabbatical.

Business comes down to this: buy low, sell high – sell something for a higher profit than it cost you to make it.

The modern business plan. Seth Godin. Check it out.

Productise. Not consulting. This is how you make money when you sleep. Read this.

Start small by doing something useful for a small group of people. See this video.

Finding passion is a a process, but it can start with these questions: What’s your idea? What’s stopping you? What are you interested in? What are you passionate about? What could you read about all day?

Check out these incredible resources from Lea Woodward and these ones from Mish & Rob.

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