After working at Leo Burnett and BBH, Philippa moved to Brazil to develop The International Exchange (TIE). A UK social enterprise that has projects ranging from ones in Brazil to Ghana to Malawi as well as the UN, World Economic Forum, World Bank, G8 and G20 summits, TIE combines corporate expertise and the needs of NGOs to create positive sustainable change. Philippa is an Esc Hero and I went to a TIE event last night, leaving very inspired by what she said.

TIE’s social objective is to make a real difference to people’s lives in the emerging world by working with our NGO partners and developing their communications. But, we are also much more than that.

We help develop leaders, and the skills needed for advancement within communication companies.

TIE breeds an entrepreneurial spirit; an ability to face and solve seemingly intractable problems that once would have had you stumped, and an intrapreneurial and social intrapreneurial spirit that feeds a desire to make a difference and do great and amazing things for your company and clients.

And we know that many people reach a stage in their careers or jobs where they are seeking new challenges in their work, and wanting to have more social impact and meaning from what they do.

But our belief is not for people to go and change companies, but instead change the company or sector they’re in.

A small positive change in large organizations equals impact.

And our vision is to engage the private sector to help create a more sustainable future for all of us.

The role of the private sector in making a difference in the world cannot be over stated.  

If you look at the largest economies of the world and then look at the largest companies of the world –  in many cases it is the companies that have more power and economic clout than many countries, sometimes put together.

Governments can take decades to do the right thing.

But corporations can make change over night. But we need the leaders of our industry to be able to work better and smarter at our agencies and with our clients. We need to start thinking differently, acting differently, and leading companies in new ways.

And TIE can help our leaders get there.

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