We really enjoyed hearing the very awesome Lea Woodward (@leawoodward) speak about location independence at last night’s event – for those overseas members who couldn’t make it, the full video will be available here on the blog soon.

To open the evening, Courtney also spoke about General Assembly and the fantastic courses they offer – which relate to Lea’s point below about up-skilling yourself technically as much as possible. From Twitter:

Challenges Lea faced when first escaping:

  1. Not knowing what to do otherwise & thinking the “other” HAD to be a BIG idea.
  2. Skilling up.
  3. Focus and constant decision-making.
  4. Growth.

Challenges specific to location independence:

  • Practicalities (home, car, stuff)
  • Relationships (friends, family)
  • Finances (insurance, pensions, retirement etc.)
  • Business (growth, clients/customers, payments, marketing etc.)
  • Travel (visas, health, community etc.)

We find the resources section of Lea’s locationindependent.com site incredibly helpful – check it out here.

What you can do NOW

Lea’s notes in bold – my comments in Italics.

  1. Be the best at what you currently do, make yourself invaluable. (Personal branding, start it now). Lea mentioned Chris Brogan – he talks about branding here.
  2. Start your freedom fund. No matter how big or little each contribution is.
  3. Make space for yourself for the ideas to flow and to. Take a mini-Escape? Book time in with our Esc career coaches?
  4. Skill up/Get a Mentor – Websites (WordPress), digital business models, social media, online marketing, digital products – the nuts & bolts of how it all works and fits together. Attend General Assembly classes – this is why we invited Courtney along to speak before Lea.
  5. Surround yourself with the right people – join a community or build your own + mastermind groups = great. That’s what Esc is here for! Our events are about to ramp up so that you get more offline support when making your Escape.
  6. Get started on something NOW! Same point as above – future events will help you take action on your Escape plan. 

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