Kelly hails all the way from Aotearoa (for the non-Kiwis – that’s what we call New Zealand).

She can code up a storm and has a gift at making screens look so stunning that often we just sneak a peek at her computer, and get really excited about the future of Esc and the new site.

In her own words… 

You could say I’m a real Gen Y-er.

I was lucky enough be be taught by people who were really thinking about the future.

I was taught ‘how to learn’ not ‘what to learn’ (thanks Marcia!). I always remember her saying she is trying to prepare us for jobs that don’t yet exist.

Now that, I find, is an interesting thought. In 10, 20 years’ time, we have no idea what technologies will be available and how our world and our industries will change we need to be able to adapt.

This concept stuck with me.

I guess that is why I never know what to call myself professionally: am I a designer, a developer, a VJ, a UX consultant a UI designer?

I do all of the above and often work as a freelancer so that I can mix up my roles a bit.

I went against what people told me about sticking to a job ‘because it will look good on your CV’.

Do you know what also looks good? DOING HEAPS OF INTERESTING THINGS – to be honest, most jobs I get are via connections I’ve met at events.

So how did I start working for Esc from New Zealand?!

Well, this really is a small world…

I am part of a collective called Enspiral – we believe that businesses can be powerful forces for good, which can create lasting social, environmental and financial benefits for everyone. We exist to start and grow businesses which create true value for society and out-compete those that do not.

My role at Enspiral was doing web development and I was introduced to Dom & Rob by our Business Development Manager who had attended an Esc meetup back in the early days (when he was trying to escape from banking)!

So I met Dom via skype and I started doing some development work remotely.

It was hard working with an 11 hour time difference but I am so happy and grateful that they gave me a chance!

After a year…

I finally made it over to London. To be honest, I loved what I was doing at home, so it was a difficult decision – but one that I am pleased to have made.

I asked for advice from the Enspiral founder Joshua Vial (full of wise words).

He said, ‘Does it scare the crap out of you? Yes? Then you must do it. The fear means your heart is in it!’

Another quote that helped me to make the move was, “Never regret the things you do; only the things you don’t.”

So here I am…

A Kiwi girl in London for the first time, working on an awesome startup with the best bosses ever.

We’ve been working really hard over the last few months analysing data and user trends and gathering feedback to influence our new site redesign. Keep a lookout, we might have some sneak preview photos coming soon on our Facebook page.

Aroha! xxx


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