Intro to the London startup scene

A recap from last night‘s event with Rob Fitzpatrick.

I always feel so engaged, entertained and educated when I hear one of Rob’s talks – he makes the room laugh, yet everyone walks away feeling smarter.

We’ll have the video available soon (currently being edited) and the transcripts (ditto) and we’ll post them as a new blog post, when we do.

Thanks to Tom S. for the wonderfully generous gesture of filming and editing – massively appreciated.

For now, the slides can be found here, on Dex.io.

And as Rob mentioned:
Come hang out with likeminded founders every Monday at Startup Burger Nighthttp://foundercentric.com/burgernight
Join us weekly either online or in person for Braintrust, a strategic heartbeat for your business: http://eepurl.com/mFUhb
Also, check this out:
“London’s Silicon Roundabout is vying to be the next Silicon Valley or Alley. Reuters’ Anthony De Rosa delves into the city’s startup scene, finding a host of hopefuls at the local General Assembly technology campus.”
(As Rob mentioned last night, General Assembly is worth checking out.) We’re friends with them, often promote their classes, and also take their classes too.

  • http://ema.vartolomei@gmail.com emma

    When is the video going to be post?

    • Adele

      Hi Emma – tonight! Really sorry delay. Have had a few issues with wifi cutting out during the Vimeo upload, but am just going to do it from home. Thanks for patience. I can email you the transcript if you want to read that first? Just email me: adele @ escapethecity.org

      • Adele

        Emma – really sorry – STILL having issues with Vimeo – it keeps cutting out when the vid is 80% loaded! I might chop and cut it into smaller pieces tomo and then see if we have more luck uploading it in parts. Sorry again for delay.