“How to make a big career change” – VIDEO

If you couldn’t make it to last week’s event, here’s what you missed. We’re always looking to improve how overseas members (who can’t make it to the London events) experience talks like these – in future, we’ll definitely be looking to improve the quality of the footage below!

If you don’t live in London and want to better access the events online, we’d love your ideas and suggestions. Just leave them in the comments below – whether you’d like to see TED-style talks, or shorter snippets, or transcripts… we’d love to know.

How to make a big career change: Part 1 from Escape the City on Vimeo.

How to make a big career change: Part 2 from Escape the City on Vimeo.

How to make a big career change: Part 3 from Escape the City on Vimeo.

  • ester

    I attended the seminar and found it very inspiring ! the speakers were awesome and felt very identified with two of them in particular…. (the sobbing comment especially !) :-)

    Thanks for bringing me a little closer to my personal turning point… x

    • Adele

      Thanks so much for coming Ester. And for sharing your comment. I think what I learned from the event is that the more honest the speakers are, the more interesting they are… when people share their stories, it allows others to see themselves in those stories and learn from them. Glad you enjoyed the event!

  • http://www.drmalpani.com Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD

    Can you include a transcript for your videos, so it’s easier for viewers to get the information they want ( without having to watch the full video !)

    • Adele

      Yes – excellent point. We’re enquiring with various transcription services this week, so we should have these for the next event…

  • Jen

    Could you ever do this via google hangouts?

    • Adele

      The wifi in that particular room isn’t that awesome, but we’re looking at ways that we can livestream… cost-effectively. Have you ever been to a google hangout event though? I myself haven’t – would love to hear about it if you have though, and hear what worked and what didn’t.

  • Noor

    The content is fantastic. The video could be of better quality and the angle in the last clip can be improved. Do you plan to film all your events?

    • Adele

      Hi Noor, yes – the last clip was taken with my iPhone! We film events where we can, but we don’t really have budget for it – I just bring my camera along and try and get footage where possible. This is likely to improve as we ramp up events though, especially since we like being able to share the advice from events with our global members…