Louisa is the one who keeps the Esc ship running – she heads up all things operations. She’s also gluten intolerant, lived in Brazil for a few months, and is a fantastic chef… but this interview isn’t about that. Here’s an introduction-via-interview that she described as ‘cringeworthy’ but I’d certainly disagree.

What you were doing before?

I left uni and took the summer off (who doesn’t?). Then started my first job the following September. I joined a small company working in what I originally thought was a cool little startup that I was going to be heavily involved in. The lies!

I trudged away at it thinking that maybe I was going to grow with it, but it just didn’t move… anywhere. I had a crazy lady as my boss, which at first was quite amusing, then got seriously annoying.

I realized that I wasn’t having fun anymore when I started calculating how many days of my life I spent commuting (40 days of my life every year sitting on a bus).

With Rob being my brother, he and my lovely mum helped me make the decision to quit and start learning how to design and make jewellery, a little love of mine, and to one day possibly start my own shop.

How come you chose to work at Esc?

I didn’t, really. I was looking for part-time work, alongside my jewellery course, then Rob and Dom were in need of an extra pair of hands in the office (maybe that was Rob’s plan all along…) and so I came on to help out whilst they concentrated on developing Esc.

I then loved working with them so much that once my course finished, I came on full time and now, here I am – loving it.

Best thing about working here?

Best thing about working here is the environment. The guys are the best people to work with and the team they have built around them are so great. The fact that we have Kelly all the way from New Zealand, Fabio from Canada and Adele from Hong Kong and NZ and Mikey in New York… it makes everything that bit more exciting, that we’ve all come together.

Worst thing about working here?

I can’t think of a single bad reason of working with Esc, other than the fact that I like it so much that I am delaying leaving to do my jewellery. I guess I’m extremely lucky in that sense.

Message for the community?

Well, once you’ve found something that you love doing, you honestly don’t feel like it’s work ever again. I don’t get those Sunday night feelings anymore or dread coming in first thing after a holiday. We have fun here and all believe in what we’re doing. I never worked in ‘The City’ but even a boring, easy job is a bad job and we all need to do something that’s really worth it. It’s what you’re going to spend the majority of your life doing so make sure it makes you happy.
‘I’d rather have a life of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what if’s’. Don’t know who said that, but I like it.

What you’re learning every day on the job?

Every day I get the nicest emails from members and organisations saying how amazing and inspiring they think Esc is, which makes me realise how important it is to enjoy life (especially when you get the odd demanding email!).

I guess I’m also learning how to best run a business as they’re doing it pretty damn well.

What can members help you with?

Esc is for you guys. If you think we’re not delivering in certain aspects, then just let us know where we’re going wrong. Any feedback is always welcome – it’s genuinely useful to help build Esc to be the best that it can be.

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