We are writing a book.

It’s called The Escape Manifesto.

(Quit your corporate job – life is too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you. Start a business, find a new job, go on a big adventure… you get the picture).

We are on deadline for October 15th. We’d love your help, thoughts and inputs.

Last Friday we posted Discussion #4: Please help us with our book introduction and objectives which received some great comments and suggestions. Thank you!

This week we’d like to explore one of the main reasons why people stay in corporate jobs that they don’t enjoy…

The Money Question

This week’s discussion was inspired by Simon’s comment on last week’s thread:

“You get out of University saddled with debt after doing a course that you were badly advised upon that has left you no more employable than you were before you started – you don’t make provisions for later in life early on in your working career when it’s all about trying to get on a housing ladder and paying off what you owe & getting to pay day.”

“Then one day you decide that the rat race has you and you want to free the shackles and go live in the sun to see if it works out – easier to do if you don’t have debt, mortgage, dependents & no financial security.”

“If you get the advice early in life to live within your means & keep your mind open & get out and travel to see what’s really out there – make connections – learn as you go – push yourself – then 10 years down the line you will be in a better position to jump off the rock towards the blue waters I guess.” 

One of the principle reasons why people stay in jobs that make them miserable is money. This is a very good reason. When you have debts to pay, mortgages to service, and a whole variety of other monthly outgoings it is hard to consider taking any form of career risk at all.

You could write a book itself on The Money Question. Here are some common thoughts…

  • I don’t have lots of savings so I can’t risk escaping
  • I can’t possibly ever earn less than what I earn today

What do you think?

What do you think people should do to address this challenge? Would we all be living the life of our dreams if it wasn’t for money concerns?

If building a fulfilling career on your own terms AND earning pots of cash were easy then everyone would be doing it. What practical financial advice do you think people need pre and post escape?

Is it about reframing the way we perceive money? They way we spend and save? Is it about reassessing your values in order to take a pay-cut? Or is it about creating opportunities where you don’t have to sacrifice money for happiness / fulfilment?

What can people do to address this important issue? How have you managed your own finances through big career transitions? Are you currently saving for an escape? How is it going?

Please share your stories, personal experiences, advice and ideas. All comments and ideas gratefully received.

Have a great weekend and thank you in advance!


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