Exclusively for Escape the City members: win a £2,250 scholarship and learn how to build a website this autumn.

We’ve all had days when we feel like a cog in the machine.

We want bigger. We want better. And we want to do our own thing. We look at Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos or Marissa Mayer and think, “Hey, I could do that!” While the road is long and winding, there’s one very good place to start. If you want to leap into the world of technology and launch your own business, basic programming skills are essential.

To fuel your ambition, the new London campus of General Assembly is offering a 10-week course on front-end web development. The intensive introductory course will help you build fluency in HTML, CSS and Javascript so you can understand web development best practices, build your own prototypes, and launch websites that people love to use.

A special offer for Escape the City members

If you’re looking for a career switch or looking to meet more people, General Assembly is here to help you this fall.

Exclusively for Escape the City members, General Assembly is offering a £2,250 scholarship towards the upcoming front-end web development course beginning on August 14th.

To enter, write 200 words answering the question: “Where will I be in 3 years time once I’ve escaped the city?” and submit your response to London@GeneralAssemb.ly. If you’re not already signed up to Escape the City, you can sign up here. Entries are due by Friday, July 27th at 5pm BST and must be submitted in conjunction with the GA application for the course starting on August 14th.

More about the course

GA Instructor Devin Hunt has been creating digital products for 6 years on behalf of brands ranging from Disney Imagineering to Vice Magazine. His most recent startup is Lyst.com, a social fashion site. After 10 weeks, Devin will make sure you’re equipped with the basic skills that will allow you to implement your own designs and work more effectively with designers.

Benji Lanyado, a freelance journalist for The Guardian is currently enrolled in the course at GA. He writes, “The front-end web development course has probably changed the way I’ll work forever. The pace of it is furious… they feed you with fundamentals each lesson, and get you applying them straight away. Within five weeks I’d built my own portfolio site from scratch, to a professional standard. It’s empowering to be able to have an idea for the web, and then make it yourself…It’s also addictive. I found myself up at three in the morning tweaking the CSS on my homework to make it look just right. I was playing football after a lesson once, and realised I was thinking about the defensive formation as a CSS grid system… Oh dear.”

Remember being a child and learning to write a whole sentence?

Or that first trip abroad when you said “hello” to someone in a different language… and they understood? It felt like a whole new world had opened up to you. This is how it feels to speak the language of the Internet. Next, it’s time to learn how to raise money, brand a company, protect your IP, hire a team, design a logo… oh, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves now…

Sign up for General Assembly’s Front-End Web Development Class to get started.

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