Quick note from Adele: Fabio is the man behind Esc code – he heads up all things technical. He’s currently living in Canada (lucky Canada) and we really miss him here at the London office – he joined us for a few weeks earlier this year. I’ll let him take over from here, in sharing his story about how he came to Esc. 

Pre Esc…

After a couple of years of university courses under my belt, and having no clue what it was I really wanted to do, I decided to save my money, and accepted a programming job at a small internet startup, thinking that would help me find my way.

It never did help me find my way back to school, but it did help me realize what I really enjoyed doing: building things, solving problems, and helping people bring ideas to life.

I ended up spending several years working for various companies, both big and small, and even became a working partner in a startup venture. As grateful as I am for the experience I managed to acquire along the way, I just felt I was spinning my wheels building things that I didn’t really feel that strongly about, or have an interest in.

I had my taste of the startup thing on more than one occasion, I loved the dynamic, and craved that experience again.

On hooking up with Esc…

After another long commute and an even longer day at the office, I came across an ad posted by Dom and Rob (purely by chance), looking for some tech help to take their vision to the next level.

After taking a look at what they were all about, they had my full attention and I knew immediately it would be an interesting fit. I fired off an email, and regardless of what their response was going to be, I decided to hand in my notice.

Hearing their story just made me realize it was time for me to do something different.

Fortunately, the guys replied, and I’m lucky enough to be doing it here.

Some Esc team love…

The coolest thing about working at Esc is that across the board, we all genuinely believe in the manifesto and live it.

In addition, having thousands of members who share that vision just makes every line of code that we write that much more important and worthwhile.

It’s a privilege working with a team of great people that are bright, motivated, and quite simply very good at what they do. We’ve developed a great sense of trust in each other and what everyone brings to the table.

With a team this small, (and having some distance between us), that trust has been extremely important. Work never feels like work, and that’s just awesome.

Bumps in the road…

Having been there before, I can definitely tell you the startup thing is not always easy. Often, working for a startup, the things that can make it amazing, are the same things that can make it a challenge.

There are times when you feel stretched or overwhelmed (when of course, you were bored at your last job), plans can change often (just when you thought you had a routine down), and in a small group, everyone’s presence is front and centre (no hiding in your cubicle on those days you feel like you want to bury your head in the sand).

It may not always be blue skies, but in a startup, EVERYONE matters. Everything you do matters. That’s what make it all worthwhile.

On the Esc community…

People can be amazing, and the Esc community always does a great job of reaffirming that.

From a technology perspective, its exciting being able to help provide our community the tools they need to do amazing things, and organisations the tools to find amazing people. If I happen to be at an Esc meetup, feel free to say hello – we will ALWAYS welcome feedback – that’s how cool apps are built.

Tell us in the comments below what you would like to see, and features you always wished you had. Obviously the site can’t be everything to everyone, but hopefully it becomes a useful tool for a good bunch of people and we’ll do our best to make that happen…

Esc tech love,


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