It’s often easy to overestimate how difficult or scary an Escape may be – we worry that it may ruin our career or that it will be complex to arrange.

Through Escape the City, Alice Evans left her job as an accountant in London to work  at Malawian Style – Safari and Adventure Holidays. 

1. You can still use existing skills, just doing something different.

After almost two years of travelling “on the job,” I was starting to feel that what I was doing wasn’t really making a difference to myself or anyone else in the larger scheme of things.

I was feeling unsettled and bored and wanted to do something exciting and adventurous, something that I would want to get up at 7am for.

I left my job as an Internal Auditor with a multinational media company in London (prior to that I was a Big Four Auditor) and set off on my journey, hoping to find my dream job along the way. What I learned through this is that being an accountant isn’t all that bad! There are places and companies around where you can make a difference, and where your skills are really appreciated.

2. It’s as easy as one Skype changing everything.

Whilst visiting my parents in Kenya, I came across this opportunity in Malawi on the Escape website. I had been introduced to Escape the City through one of their events – I then became an avid follower and would religiously scan through their website and newsletters for any cool postings.

The job itself was based in the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, for a growing travel company called Malawian Style. Everything about the position sounded incredible and I responded to the ad straight away.

I had a Skype interview with the Managing Director and a few weeks later found myself bound for Malawi (on a crazy route via Ethiopia and the Congo).

3. Escaping can actually boost your CV.

I had a fantastic time working for Malawian Style and my role involved everything from daily accounting to recruitment to marketing. I enhanced my key finance skills whilst developing other core skills such as people management and crisis control.

What I learned is that working abroad is a great asset for your CV, it means you can offer a broader perspective to any future role or organisation.

Of course it was not all work; a lot of my weekends were spent discovering the beautiful countryside, relaxing at Cape Maclear on Lake Malawi, drinking Savannahs and playing the national board game, Bawo. I even went on an incredible safari to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

Malawi was an amazing place, full of contrasts and wonderful, friendly people. I’ve made some amazing friends, from photographers and NGO workers to game reserve owners – I’ll probably be the only accountant at the dinner table now! I’ve had the most incredible experience. I’d recommend this escape to anyone.

You can read more about Malawian Style – Safari and Adventure Holidays here


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