We are writing a book.

It’s called The Escape Manifesto.

(Quit your corporate job – life is too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you).

We are on deadline for October 15th. We’d love your help, thoughts and inputs.

Last Friday we posted Discussion #3: Why is it so hard to keep the ‘I’ll do this for 5 years’ promise? which kicked off a great 30-comment discussion.

This week we’d like to explore some of the overall objectives and get your thoughts on the book’s direction. What kind of book would you want to read on this subject?

Proposed Introduction – some notes

We want this to be the book we wish we had read back when we were sitting on the London underground, commuting to a corporate job that was grinding us down, wondering what on earth we were doing with our lives.

Manifestos are statements of belief. Like any good belief system – it will have people who agree and disagree with its perspectives.

We aren’t writing this book to pander to mainstreamers who are looking for advice in edging their way up the corporate ladder. We want this to be a partisan and passionate book for impatient people.

We want to write the book wish we had read when we were back in our jobs wondering what we were doing with our lives.

We think it comes down to a few key points:

  1. You don’t have to experience life the way people expect you to (obvious but you’d be surprised how many of us forget).
  2. Life is short. Far too short to spend the best years of it doing work that doesn’t matter to you.
  3. You are capable of far more than you realise. Since when did you become so conservative? And timid?
  4. Now is your chance to transition away from your unfulfilling corporate job. Not tomorrow.

We want this book to persuade people why this is important and to show them how they can make good their escapes.

We want this book to reflect what we believe and what we have learnt from escaping the corporate world ourselves in order to start a business aimed at helping people just like us to do the same.

Through the incredible process of turning this concept into a reality we have engaged with countless new ideas and have had our own perceptions of the way the world works (and should work) dramatically changed.

Escaping is NOT opting out. Escaping in this context means opting in. Big challenges, scary decisions, making active choices.

We are thrilled to have the chance to share some of these ideas in this book…

Key ingredients?

Part our story, part call to action, part how-to guide…

  • WHY – Why you should step off the corporate treadmill and do something different with your career.
  • ADVICE – How to make the transition based on what we learned from quitting our corporate jobs to start Escape.
  • INSPIRATION – A call to action for anyone considering making the big leap away from the corporate world.

What do you think?

What do you think of the proposed direction and general tone?

What do you think of combining the reasons why the corporate world can be so unfulfilling with some more practical advice for making good your escape (plus case studies)?

All comments and ideas gratefully received.

Have a great weekend and thank you in advance!


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