Maybe you’re not sure exactly what your escape plan looks like, but you’ve got a feeling it might have something to do with food.

Check out these Hero stories for some inspiration on the range of ways you can make that happen.

Also, watch this space: we’re going to be running an Escape food startup event in September.

Sarah started a gluten free baking company.

Read her story here:

Since I was very little I’ve always wanted to start my own business. I’m passionate about business, the idea of providing a solution for people and creating something from scratch. I had known for a while that I was not happy in my job – that it was not for me at that point in my life.

I discovered that I was gluten intolerant and a lack of premium gluten free foods. A lot of the stuff on the market was mass-produced, with additives or preservatives.

There was also a negative stigma attached with gluten free products – people think it’s medicinal, only for people with problems, or generally “hippy shit.”

Jon started a food company in San Sebastian.

Read his story here.

I used to stand outside the office smoking cigarettes with the other smokers in the office (see how bored I was!).

I would talk about how I was going to move to Spain and set up a business. To start with it was just a dream without any substance but I then began putting together ideas and business plans during my lunch break.

I quit my job just before Christmas 2007 in the end. It wasn’t perfect timing by any means but in hindsight it was great because it forced me to do something there and then. No more business plans, no more moaning… it was real life and I had to get started.

Will Bowler brought popchips to the UK.

Read his story here:

i have always had a passion for food and drink brands.  i spent a little while chatting with the popchips team in san francisco, but it was when i was on a stag-do in las vegas and a massive basket ofpopchips & champagne was delivered to my room that i realized i had to make the leap.

Mike and Dan launched their own natural confectionary company.

Read their story here:

We launched Peppersmith in January and have been doing pretty well; getting our products into some prestigious retail chains such as Waitrose, Wholefoods, Booths and Planet Organic. We are also lucky enough to be sold by some of the nicest independent cafes, delis, coffee shops and wholefood stores around.

Our launch product is the world’s first all natural, tooth friendly chewing gum. Our journey has just begun; we have more products in the pipeline ready to launch at the start of next year and we’ve also just started to export to the rest of Europe and beyond.

Sebastian set up a pizza supper club.

Read his story here:

I have just quit my job heading up a marketing department for a social network to start a Pizza Supper Club on a roof, in Shoreditch, London.

To be honest, there is a massive lack of resource when it comes to setting up anything that is slightly out of the ordinary like this.  We’re essentially running a private party, that guests pay a contribution towards and there is no ‘how to do a supperclub’ – so you have to run with people you know.

Fumi works for Table for Two.

Read his story here:

I run the U.S. office for a Japanese non-profit called Table for Two (“TFT”). TFT simultaneously tackles malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa and obesity in the U.S., Japan and other rich nations. The concept is to transfer excess calories from places like the U.S. to countries that need those calories.

The best advice I received was that it’s a greater risk to NOT pursue your passion.

Kelvin started Foodcycle.

Read his story here:

I am the founder and CEO of FoodCycle. We all know how much food is wasted in the food retail industry, and we also know how many people can’t afford to put a meal on the table. FoodCycle combines surplus food and a free kitchen space to create nutritious meals and positive social change.

Mathew started Mooli’s.

Read his story here:

I was a lawyer at Linklaters and later at UBS.

Now I run a new restaurant in Soho called Mooli’s serving zingy roti rolls. Its a fresh and healthy play on Indian flavours. Fresh home made rotis, fiery goan pork, crunchy pomegranate salsa…

My involvement is in practically everything – working the shifts, cooking, finance, real estate, marketing….. toilets.

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