This made us chuckle around the office – can you help? If so, you can get in touch with Collin here.

My name is Collin and I have been working in NYC’s corporate world ever since I graduated from the University of Delaware in May 2010.  I’ll make this short and sweet and won’t bore you with the details because I know that this isn’t an original story:

What I’ve been doing since June 2010:

  • Working corporate because it was my first offer, it pays well, and it includes benefits
  • Sitting in a cubicle from 9-7
  • Steadily increasing mid-section body fat as a result of sitting in a cubicle from 9-7
  • Completing meaningless and mundane tasks for many different managers
  • Weakening due to unnecessarily powerful air conditioning 
  • Dealing with office drama reminiscent of high school drama I thought was long gone in the distant past
  • Realizing that the bottom line wouldn’t be affected AT ALL if I happen to miss 1, 4, or even 50 weeks of work!

What I want NOW:

  • To be part of an organization whose mission is that of helping others and NOT increasing the bottom line
  • To live in Southern California – either San Diego or LA, where the sun warms the soul and the sea purifies the spirit
  • To have surfing opportunities at my fingertips all year long
  • To become inspired by ocean views which will reenergize my passion for the arts (drawing and painting)
  • To join an intramural baseball league
  • A great, new music scene
  • And, the ability to further my guitar skills and collaborate with others wanting the same

So, I think that many share my story.

I know that you are out there!  LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

Let’s be happy that we are realizing this now and let’s do something about it.  Our happiness and well-being is waiting for us, now it is up to us to make these dreams come true for ourselves.

Please feel free to email me so we can discuss our common struggle and figure out which road(s) will lead us to our full potentials as passionate, creative, generous, and just plain ol’ happy people.

You can get in touch with Collin here.

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