Every week we share stories about people leading exciting, inspirational and unconventional lives. We call these people our Heroes – because they’ve made the leaps that so many of us aspire to.

Below are some of our most Adventurous Heroes. Want their advice for jobs, life and adventure? Read on…

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1) Alistair Humphreys: Cycling around the World on Student Loans

Don’t worry about what other people think. Try your best. Begin it! Now! If you hate it you can always go back to what you were doing before.

You can read his Hero profile here and see his official site here.

Al is an adventurer, a writer and a motivational speaker. He left university and cycled around the world, living off his student loans. He has been a fantastic supporter of Esc and has been a huge inspiration to our members.

2) Dave Cornthwaite: Skater, Adventurer, Record Holder

In five years time will you look back and regret not giving it a go? If the answer is ‘yes’ then that says it all.

Dave used to be a graphic designer. He left that behind and has since done some pretty crazy stuff. He is now on a mission to do lots of 1000 mile journeys around the world powered by nothing more than his muscles. He’s a travel writer and a long distance skateboard record holder.

You can read his Hero profile here and see his official site here.

3) Jake Meyer: Youngest in world to climb the ‘7 Summits’

If you can look back over what you’ve done for the last few years, and feel that, then you are doing great. If not, you need to stop, take stock, and sort out what is really most important to you.

In 2005 Jake became the youngest person in the world to have climbed the ‘7 Summits’. He is a global climber and adventurer. Rob (co-founder of Esc) met him in 2003 in the French Alps and they had a ski together. Jake had just spent the night outside in a hut, having been unable to find his friend in town.

You can read his Hero profile here and see his official site here.

5) Sarah Outen: Youngest Woman to Solo Row an ocean

Go with your instinct, f*** your intellect. Never lose sight of the dream – you will get there if you want it badly enough and are willing to put everything you have into it, mind, body and soul.

Sarah was the youngest woman to solo row an ocean and the first woman and youngest person to row the Indian Ocean. Read her story for a bit more about what makes her tick.

You can read her Hero profile here and see her official site here.

5) Mark Kalch: Man-powered Source to Sea descent of Amazon

You need something that will sell. This sounds like a bit of a dampner on the whole Escape adage, but you can’t pay the rent or shopping bill with good karma unfortunately.

Mark is a full-time professional adventurer. He recently completed a human-powered source to sea descent of the Amazon. At the time of writing he is walking across Iran. Mark is also a motivational speaker.

You can read his Hero profile here and see his official site here.

6) Dave Turner: Getting Paid To Take Cycle Adventures

I got to a stage where I just wanted to have a go at something on my own, I guess I just grew out of the rat race. It’s lovely to spread your wings each day and go for it.

Dave is an Esc fan from down under – he is an adventure cyclist, photographer and freelance writer. He loves to push the boundaries of where he can ride his bike, getting as far away from roads as possible in some of the most remote regions of the world.

You can read his Hero profile here and see his official site here.

7) Alistair Vere Nicoll: From Lawyer to Skiing Antarctica

After my first five years of professional life, I felt a little empty – as if nothing in the current circle of my existence had the capacity to truly stir me. Admittedly, to feel restless after such a comparatively short period of working life sounds somewhat pathetic…

We’ve all felt it, Alastair is a great example of someone who has done something about it. He left his job as an associate at a magic circle law-firm to become a writer and ski-across Antarctica. On return he wrote a book about the experience and what he learned (Riding the Ice Wind).

You can read his Hero profile here and see his official site here.

8) Jackson Williams: Boxer, Adventurer, Barefoot Marathon Runner

Be true to yourself and never stop trying. Plan in advance, and just try to enjoy the experience, but expect the worst to happen, so it can only get better.

Jackson has done some pretty amazing things… from boxing against Amir Khan to barefoot running across America.

You can read his Hero profile here and see his official site here.

9) Simon Smith: Raised nearly 4mil for charity

Always do something you love because if you love it, you’re probably good at it, and you know what…if you’re not good at it you still love it.

Simon Smith was 28 years old and one of the highest paid ad salesmen in London. A motorcycle adventure in India saved his soul, which he says “was nearly completely sold to the devil” – in 2002 he gave up his large salary, sold his Porsche and embarked on a 10 year journey that has changed thousands of lives and raised nearly £4,000,000 for charities he believes in.

You can read his Hero profile here and see his official site here.

10) Tim, Lynn, and Will: Warriors Against Climate Change

Don’t forget what you learnt in your former corporate life, all those tedious project management tasks are even more important when it’s your show.

You can read their Hero profile here and see the official site here.

Tim Bromfield worked as a management consultant at Accenture with the sustainability practice and on projects such as the Guardian’s Katine development project in Uganda. Lynn Morris worked as a video journalist for the Press Association, having spent six years as a reporter across three continents. Will Lorimer worked as a documentary film maker on productions for the BBC and Channel 4 as well as directing programmes for Five, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

They completed a 15 month expedition circumnavigating the Atlantic Ocean overland along the 1 metre contour line and now run an environmental education charity.

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