Yesterday Rob talked about creating gravity and launching early. Escape the City was born from one simple email – the concept spread quickly. Sometimes, though, success happens more slowly.

Sometimes, the hardest part about starting your own venture is sitting at home at 11:30am, staring at an empty inbox, wondering whether or not you really should have left that other cushier option. Feeling disconnected from a regular work routine and regular professional interaction can leave a lot of Escapees wondering if they made the right choice.

We’re big fans of the Holstee manifesto (who isn’t?!) – the highlighted line applies to what Esc member Richard Brownsdon talks about below. The reason you bother ‘doing something different’ is because it’s more interesting and fun and you meet cooler people along the way – but things only become interesting and fun when you meet those cool people – and you only meet them by leaving the house.

Which is why we’re about to significantly improve Esc events. In the meantime, Richard (Inspiring Adventures founder) kindly stepped in to host not one, but two, informal Esc meetups last week. 

It’s been a good week…

And not just because the United Nations has called for a happiness based economy.  That didn’t even happen this week.  That happened in April.

And it wasn’t because I caught a cold. That wasn’t good at all, although it did give me the opportunity to practice making my special honey ginger orange tea.

It was a good week because it was full of productive events and interesting connections. Connecting with like minded people, with different minded people, with people travelling the same entrepreneurial path.

At the launch for “A Good Week” I enjoyed listening to great talks about philosophy, happiness and We Day.

At the SOAS Entrepreneurs event, I heard from three alumni who have become a restaurateur, a chocolatier, and a social entrepreneur.

I hosted two Escape the City events

One was rather last minute. The one for Travel Escapees was rather good – we met up in Shoreditch (pic below).

I’ve started a new travel social enterprise called Inspiring Adventures, because I believe passionately that meeting inspiring social entrepreneurs in amazing places can stimulate us to think about our own lives in a new way.

But starting any kind of new enterprise is hard, so it’s important to find support from a number of places.

One place I recommend is a meet-up

Host an event for people who are doing the thing you want to do, or are on the path to doing it.

Get out of your regular bubble and around more of the people who are living the way you want to live.

Who do you want to meet?  What event are you going to host? Do it!


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