Funnily enough, ZERO PERCENT of you intend to stay in your current jobs indefinitely. Among that interesting nugget from last week’s survey, we also learned what we could be doing better across our three team areas – product, organizations, and community.

My favorite answer – which was in response to ‘How can Escape the City help you?

“Explain how my esoteric financial skills (supporting derivative products aka weapons of mass destruction) can actually translate to some of the dream jobs doing good in the real world.”

As many of you know, we are building a brand new website. We are thrilled to report that many of the things you asked for are already being built.

There were also some fantastic new features and ideas suggested and we’ll be working hard to incorporate as many of them as we can into our future plans.

What you want to see on the website:

  • Make it easier to search for roles;
  • Cleaner interface;
  • Segment jobs by region, sector, skills.

The positions you want to see:

  • Less volunteer positions, more paid roles;
  • More opportunites at entry- and mid-level;
  • More international opportunites;
  • More short-term opportunities and sabbatical roles;
  • More mini-escapes:

I just know that when I directed my sister, who’s currently very down and unhappy in her office job, to the site to serve as inspiration for her, she just got a bit overwhelmed by how drastic all the suggestions were – she’s in her late 20s, has committments here and so isn’t in a position to be able to just pack up and go and live in madagascar for 6 months…but I still think there’s room for inspiration and ways to escape the city on a more local, and less drastic, level.

What you want to come to Esc for:

  • Careers advice! Drop in sessions/more formal set up with people to help steer you when you’re in the “I don’t want to do this job… but I don’t know what I do want” frame of mind;
  • More niche, filtered offline events;
  • More mentoring, support and connections for entrepreneurs. Basic things like finding good accountants, lawyers, developers and how to find funding;
  • More online events – live meetings (e.g. presentations, discussions, galleries) across the world (organised by the community) and online round tables;
  • Guides about business school, starting a business, the lessons and pitfalls of joining a startup, depression and debt, funding your Escape, sabbaticals, escaping with a family, escaping with your significant other;
  • More forums, so that you can connect with those who have already made a similar Escape.

Watch this space!

We are turning many of these requests into actions (via our favourite project management tool: Basecamp). We really welcome any thoughts you have, whether or not we’re running a survey. That’s also what this blog is for – so that we can communicate our plans and get your input. Please keep the fantastic ideas coming!

Please add additional ideas, comments and suggestions below.

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