This is my new desktop pic – you would’ve also seen it in today’s newsletter.

I found it because I’d been emailing one of our members, Matt Prior. He’d sent in an Esc pic a while back, and we’d then started talking about his imminent move to Hong Kong. Since I grew up there, I started giving him some HK links and before I knew it, we’d connected on Facebook so that I could intro him to some of my friends over there.

As I was looking through his other albums (I spend way too much time stalking people online), I found this great shot. Funnily enough, it was taken on the south west coast of England, while Matt was on a random walk. Shows that you don’t have to go that far to escape!

I chose the quote because I saw the On the Road trailer recently, which we also featured in our newsletter today:

Maybe not everyone is going to quit their jobs tomorrow and take a road trip across America, but I think Kerouac captures that heady cocktail of wanderlust and adventure which I think all of the Esc community celebrates.

Which quotes inspire you, the way this Kerouac quote inspires me? Do you have a picture you’d like to send in for the Big Escape pic? (Email adele@

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