Esc member @James Borrell is a conservation biologist currently traveling from London to Istanbul. 

He emailed me these entries for the Big Escape pic (feel free to send yours too – – and so I checked out his site… my favourite excerpts below.

A Year on from the End of Exams

“Watching the notifications of revision despair popping up from friends still at university, exam season is clearly upon us. I can barely believe that a year has flown past since I escaped the exam hall for good and set about putting it all to use.

My plan was quite simple and very optimistic:

  • To wake up excited and enthusiastic on a Monday morning.
  • For each day to be different from the last, and bring new challenges.
  • To feel that I was working towards something bigger than myself, my job, or career.

Now, a year on, I’m not quite sure how to quantify where I’ve got to or where I’m going, but I can give at least the first two a tick, and I hope I’m working towards the last.”

Read more here.

His adventure from London to Istanbul

“There’s something about looking at a map and hatching a plan, the inevitable pre-departure kit explosion, excitement at all the possibilities, and then hoicking on a rucksack and going.”

Read more here.

How to get a career in conservation

James offers his tips here.

Cheers for sending in your Esc pics, James – watch out for them in future newsletters. We’re looking forward to following the rest of your journey here.

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