This tweet from @delorez2012 got me thinking that we should start this ‘daily dose’ of Esc, sooner rather than later.

So even though we’re still figuring this blog out, here are some happy news items.

* * *

We were thrilled to see smallcarBIGCITY listed as #1 London attraction in Time Out magazine.

They give private tours of London in classic Mini coopers. Founder Robert Welch’s Hero profile is here – stellar advice:

Don’t talk about it – DO IT! Everyone will tell you that you’re nuts, try to take it with a pinch of salt. If you want something badly enough, you will get it. Do your research and plan as much as possible before.

Don’t kid yourself. Present worst case costings and for everything a whatever you are planning to turn over, halve it.

If you come along tomorrow, you might be able to meet Rob there (I just invited him via email, so now he has to come).

* * *

What’s tomorrow, you ask? Instead of zoning out after work to a Friends episode you’ve already seen, come hear Rod Schwartz talk at Adams St Club: he’ll share how he left Wall Street to go into social enterprise and finance (he’s the CEO and founder of ClearlySo).

Bonus: if you’re there tomorrow, you and I can meet in person… :) (Smiley face feels a bit creepy, but I’m going to go with it.)

* * *

Roozt  is an a.w.e.s.o.m.e. site, and this link landed in my inbox this morning. Fancy a hammock? If I had somewhere to hang it, I’d get myself one of these babies from Yellow Leaf, which disrupts the cycle of extreme poverty for Thai hill tribes.

[Yellow Leaf] compensates their weavers at 650% of average hill tribe income, thus creating high wage jobs for a marginalized group of people trapped in a cycle of extreme poverty, exploitation and degradation.

* * *

If you missed yesterday’s newsletter, you can check it out here. Like the Big Picture of the week? Roll on, summer.

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Our designer Kelly‘s parents sent her this lovely card from New Zealand. I like to think it’s watching over the team as we’re working.

* * *

Speaking of the office, Florence is currently playing on our speakers as I type this:

Over and out. (This is two-way, by the way… any links or questions or complaints or jokes you’ve got, shoot them my way:

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