I regularly meet with an old school friend to discuss business ideas and I’m sure we’ve come up with some winners. The question is finding the ones we’re really passionate about.

If you have an idea, share it right now as you are reading this. Stop and drop an e-mail to a friend, someone with an imagination and start a conversation. Ideas develop through conversation, not by thinking it over in your own head. If you’ve sent the e-mail, you’ve just started.

No one will steal it, don’t be ridiculous. An idea is worth nothing without the execution. And the execution is bloody difficult. Always. You can guarantee that most overnight successes never happened overnight. You only hear about them after at least a couple years of slavery.

Unless you tell someone who is incredibly passionate about exactly what your idea is about, they have every resource and capability to implement it rapidly at little time and monetary cost, and they’ve planned for this very moment to drop everything for the perfect idea and dedicate two years to the hard grind, then maybe they’ll steal it… or maybe you’ve just found your perfect co-founder. Everyone needs a partner.

If you have no one to talk to, then talk to us. We love ideas, we’re constantly thinking of new ways of trying to help people, and you can guarantee we don’t have the time to start something else right now!

Make today the day you start the conversation.

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