Have you ever done something that makes everyone you know shake their heads in disbelief?

For me the first one that springs to mind was when I put the kettle on the stove and lit the gas.

I only remembered it was an electic kettle made of plastic when it set on fire.  Shake shake.

This is closely followed by my decision to quit my job as a senior manager at Deloitte to start my coaching business.

“What on earth are you thinking about, leaving behind all that security?”

“You’re mad, completely bonkers”

“I know you don’t like it, but really?”

One friend simply burst into tears.

If you’re thinking about leaving behind your safe job that makes you miserable you’ll be worried about the same reaction.

It’s a massive brave step to set off on a new path. 

The team that wrote the How to Find Work You Love Guide all took this massive leap.

Why we did it…

We all had objectively successful jobs at Deloitte, E&Y, E&Y, Yahoo and the LSE.

Yet we all had something in common – we felt there was more to life than work that didn’t feel fulfilling.

In my case I was a forensic accountant, yet I don’t like numbers and really dislike details.  Conversely I love people and helping them to make the most of their potential.

I felt an urge to do work I felt passionate about, that I enjoyed and that served my drive to help others make the most of their lives.

Before I took the leap I spent a lot of time to figure out how to make that happen.  I did a lot of self-reflection, made a long term plan and figured out my first steps.

Having this in place helped me overcome my fear, the incredulity of the people around me and take my bold step with confidence.

I was lucky to have a coach to help me structure my thinking, without that guidance I’d probably still be stuck where I was.

Why we wrote How to Find Work You Love

From experience, everyone makes changes their own way.

If you’re contemplating a new career direction, starting your own business or a new direction, you’ll want to do it your way.

How to Find Work You Love is designed to put the power in your hands to make this change.  It provides you with the tools and structure to successfully make your change.

We’ve boiled down the important steps you might take into a series of powerful exercises and inspiring ideas.

The guide will:

  • Support you in figuring out what work will make you tick
  • Enable you to create a powerful vision of the life and work you want
  • Embolden you to take your first steps (regardless of what anyone else thinks)
  • Inspire you by sharing the wisdom of Escapees who have already trodden the path

We’ve all taken this journey and wish that this Guide had existed when we started out.  It might have saved us from a lot of head shaking.


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