“It is impossible, obviously, to believe that anyone’s life is pre-destined – but who knows what is programmed into an individual’s chromosomes, into their DNA?  Perhaps each of us, irrespective of class and other variables, is born with a propensity towards a certain kind of living.  Each of us has a code which, in the right conditions, will be able to make itself utterly apparent; if an individual’s circumstances are far removed or totally at odds with that initial biological programming, it may hardly be able to make itself felt circumstantially – but all life long that individual will feel the undertow, the tug of a destiny rooted in biology, urging him, only slightly perhaps, away from the life he has.  The dissatisfaction and pointlessness that a rich a successful man feels on contemplating all that he has achieved in life is perhaps the faint echo of an initial code that he has thwarted, evaded, but can never quite silence.  But a certain way of life will enable you to get closer to that initial blurred blueprint.  Perhaps this is what it means to live in truth, even a disappointed truth.”

“Going back to live in England: it was difficult to think of four words more redolent of defeat because what they actually meant was going back to living so deeply within his limitations he would not even be aware that they were limitations: they would pass themselves off as contentment.”

“Paris Trance” by Geoff Dyer


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