Mikey and I went to an awesome talk at General Assemb.ly in New York this week.

Called ‘Building Something People Love’ and given by a hugely impressive, enthusiastic and genuine Alexis Ohanian one of the Reddit founders.

We left buzzing with ideas for how to do things differently, do things that interest people, do things that engage people. A lot of the messages were around having fun with your brand and making the most of the fact that when you’re building a start-up (unlike the big corporate incumbents in your space) you can do whatever the hell you like with your marketing.

So that same evening we came home and Mikey built: My Beautiful Cubicle: http://mybeautifulcubicle.tumblr.com

We want to see where you spend the majority of your waking hours. We want to celebrate (and commiserate) different peoples’ cubicles. And we wanted to see if a random project with no specific motive other than a bit of fun would fly.

So please take 2 minutes to snap a photo of where you’re sitting right now and upload it to My Beautiful Cubicle!

Oh and if you like the idea please spread the word!
Thanks. Esc love.
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