On Wednesday night Adele Barlow really kindly hosted our first of a new type of Esc event in London – a Meetup at Adam Street.

Over 240 people RSVP’d and by all accounts it was a really useful, inspirational and fun evening.

Our Meetups are different from our Esc Wednesdays in that they don’t have a speaker, are free, and are specifically designed for you to connect with people in a similar boat as you – explanation here.

Quick question: What regularity would you like to see these events take place in London (bearing in mind that we run an Esc Wednesday once a month as well)? Please comment below. Thanks!

So without further ado, 6 things Adele learnt…

1. This is an incredible community and tribe…

This is straight from Adele’s email update to Dom, Mikey and me in New York:

Awesome things: SUCH friendliness. Holy crap. Have never seen anything like it at a networking event. EVERYONE was talking to EVERYONE; people randomly going up to each other and being like, “Hey, I’m X. I do X. What do you do?”

The shy people, confident people, quiet people, EVERYONE – was just randomly introducing themselves, interrupting other conversations… everyone I talked to had met at least 4 or 5 interesting and cool connections.

I’ve honestly never seen a love-in like that without alcohol or drugs involved.

So much mind sex going on in the room – it was like a mind-sex orgy. Everyone was buzzing out on ideas, exchanging cards, arranging to meet up and have coffee at a later date.

You know how buzzing the Meetup board was? Just imagine THAT translated into actual, real-life people situation – such friendliness. Blew my mind.

[Rob: Apart from being disturbed by the mind-sex comment – what an incredible email for us to receive!!]

2. Good networks/tribes are built around a belief or concept

Rob and Dom and Mikey weren’t even in the room, but everyone was self-organising – because meaning was there.

[Rob: From our perspective Esc is all about the tribe / and the belief that we all share. I’ve said this about 30 times on this blog but read Tribes. Check out our thoughts on making meaning and having a mission.]

3. Your network is what you make it

All about being proactive, introducing yourself to people, making the first move.

4. When building your own network, need to have a mission

… or idea to build that network around.

This also gives you an actual excuse to talk to people – people in room who came with clear ‘mission’ were easy to talk to / connect with others because they knew who they needed / wanted to talk to, what they were trying to build.

5. Having a ‘place’ where people can meet makes a difference

Adam Street Club is a great venue – lots of spin-offs to come, hopefully.

And great to have an off-line ‘home’ for aspiring London-based corporate escapees.

6. You can’t find inspiration in a room, you find it through people

But with right people in the room, you will find it through them!


Massive thank you Adele. If anyone has a missed connection from the Meetup please comment below or on the Meetup thread and we’ll try and get you in touch with the relevant people. Thanks to everyone who attended and helped make it such a fun event.

Watch this space for the next meetups and talks in London – announcing them next week – http://www.meetup.com/EscapetheCity/London-GB/

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