Escape the City is a global community but London is where we were born.

Although a lot of Esc activity happens online, you really see the community come to life when we meet up offline.

Adam Street are fantastic hosts for our London-based Esc Meetups and Esc Wednesdays and we wanted to use this post to explain a little bit more about them.

Evening Membership: Adam Street now offers a really exciting evening membership scheme. They are extremely offering ongoing incentives to Esc members who want to become evening members. Watch this space for details…

About Adam Street

Adam Street was conceived in the dotcom boom; a phenomenon that dragged people out of their staid corporate jobs to try their hands at being entrepreneurs.

As such it has been designed as a base to work from during the day providing desk space, a comfortable bar and restaurant to meet and work in and meeting rooms as well as a host of support services from our offices upstairs.

Also as important, it was recognised that the budding entrepreneur also needed a social life to replace his (in those days) Bloomberg terminal and water cooler and a friendly culture of like-minded people was created to fill this yawning gap in any city escapee’s life.

This brings us on to the second bit of the club – whilst being a very professional place to work during the day we also have fabulous food, cocktails and even dancing on here until the wee hours of the morning.

There is a number of events ranging from Mike Lynch giving a speech about Autonomy to comedy, live music nights and Last Tuesday masked balls. Over the last 10 years we have helped many successful companies start and grow as well as helping get a huge number of people together on a more social level…..

Contact Details

9 Adam Street
The Strand
Charing Cross
Nearest Tube/Rail: Charing Cross


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