As those of you who follow Esc will know, we want to explore the ideas around the phenomenon of people ‘escaping the city’ with the aim of helping more corporate professionals to make brave and exciting transitions.

There is certainly no single way of understanding all the various strands related to our concept (jobs, money, career, meaning, work, entrepreneurialism, life, fulfilment, etc, etc!) and we want to encourage as much discussion as possible with the aim of learning more and pushing Esc onwards to greater heights.

Introducing the discussion

We resigned from our corporate jobs because of some really strong ‘pull’ factors (i.e. the prospect of starting a business and working for ourselves doing something we love) but we also left because of some pretty persuasive ‘push’ factors as well.

We want to explore the reasons why people find working for big corporates in professional and financial services unfulfilling. We want to understand what it is that people are looking for but not getting in their corporate jobs (i.e. what important ingredients are missing?).

We’ve always been really keen not to knock the corporate world. For starters the skills that we learnt in ‘The City’ have really helped us start Escape the City – we wouldn’t have been able to get this off the ground without them. Additionally, there are masses of people who really enjoy their corporate jobs.

However, for every person who is clear on why they are in their company and what they’re getting out of the experience, there are masses of others who are thinking ‘I’m not sure this is for me, but what on earth do I do instead?’

Esc is for these people.

So why are jobs in big corporates so often unfulfilling?

  • Lack of control, freedom & independence
  • Bureaucracy
  • Office Politics
  • Hierarchy
  • Feeling of being institutionalised
  • Small cog in a big machine
  • Lack of creativity
  • Work for work’s sake – too much process!
  • Lack of positive social impact
  • Hard to be yourself in the corporate environment
  • Boring work

We started Esc to help solve a problem. What problem? The fact that thousands of ambitious, passionate, talented graduates and professionals end up feeling frustrated doing work that doesn’t really matter to them. Why? Because the alternative is tough. It is hard to find a really exciting job and even harder to start your own business.

If Escape the City is going to meaningfully contribute to understanding what’s going wrong for so many people… then understanding those ‘push’ factors is really important.

Please share your experiences of working in the corporate world… we would love to have a discussion aimed at getting to the heart of why working in big corporate organisations is often unfulfilling.

Go on, get it off your chest!

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